Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘yes’ for new jail.

July 19, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘yes’ for new jail.

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Dear Editor:

In high-quality communities, people vote to improve infrastructures. Quality infrastructure is part of what makes a desirable community. When an institution comes to a community for an ask, it is because their budget is not designed to handle the cost of the new infrastructure. The way the public service system is built requires the prior identification of a revenue stream for a specific purpose.   In this case, a millage (revenue stream) will provide a new jail (specific purpose).

The Oceana County Jail is old and outdated: beyond repair. To invest in the current building would be similar to putting a new engine in a car that is completely rusted out…it would be a poor decision. Our sheriff and his crew need a place that can handle the needs of their work in today’s society. They need and deserve a facility that provides a safer work environment. We all know that the men and women who work in law enforcement face serious risks every day to provide all of us with a safe community. We are blessed to have a sheriff and a team that is first class. They truly need our support. I have toured the jail. The need for a new jail is real. 

I am willing to invest in our community and support our men and women who work in law enforcement. I hope everyone in Oceana County will consider doing the same. Vote “yes” for the new jail on Aug. 2.


Mark D. Platt,



Area Churches

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