Help Wanted Ad Special.

May 2, 2019

Help Wanted Ad Special.

It is hiring season for many businesses in Mason and Oceana counties. We would like to ask employers to consider the help wanted classified services of Mason County Press and Oceana County Press. Our news sites have a combined daily average viewership of nearly 20,000, along with Facebook followings of 16,500 (MCP) and 12,000 (OCP). 

Help wanted ads are placed in a dedicated classified section of each sites’ ad columns and also posted weekly on each Facebook page. 

We are currently running a special on our ads. If you are interested in more information, please email Rob Alway, editor-in-chief, at [email protected]

Some of our regular customers include Mason County Central Schools, Hart Public Schools, West Shore Community College, West Coast Car Wash, City of Ludington, City of Scottville, West Shore Educational Service District, and the County of Mason, who use us because they get results. 

Area Churches

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