Letter to Editor: Encouraging a no vote on Weare Twp. zoning amendment.

October 15, 2018

Letter to Editor: Encouraging a no vote on Weare Twp. zoning amendment.

By Robert Green, Weare Township.

Dear Editor,

An example of limited government is currently underway in Weare Township. 

On June 25, 2018, Robert M. Green, a registered elector of Weare Township, filed with the Weare Township Deputy Clerk (the clerk was unavailable), a notice of intent to file a petition requesting the submission to the voters the decision to adopt a zoning ordinance by the Weare Township Board on June 11, 2018.  The adopted ordinance deleted the safety regulations for bulk propane.

What does this mean?  Wisely, when Michigan enacted The Zoning Enabling Act (P.A. 110 of 2006), it gave the power to the people to submit an ordinance to the voters for their approval or rejection.  In other words, the legislative body does not have the final say when it comes to zoning.  The voters do.

How is this possible?  First, within seven days after the publication of a zoning ordinance, a registered elector must file a notice of intent to file a petition with the clerk.  Second, the petitioner has 30 days to obtain the required number of signatures.  Third, the signed petition is filed with the clerk.  (See Section 402 of the Zoning Enabling Act.)

Why is this important?  Zoning ordinances should pertain to everyone equally.  When zoning ordinances pertain to everyone, property owners can be certain that the township board will not purposely alter lawful regulations to favor one owner over another.  What Weare Township Board action does NOT meet this criterion?  The zoning amendment to delete bulk propane safety regulations approved on June 11, 2018.  (Remember, Weare Township government broke their own ordinance and then attempted to adopt this amendment to hide the fact that the ordinance had been violated.)  How can deleting the bulk propane safety regulations that protect residential properties surrounding bulk propane do anything but devalue private property?  Devaluing private property surrounding the busiest intersection in Weare Township devalues everyone’s property.  If the township board is willing to devalue its premiere corner, what will it do elsewhere?  Visitors will surely notice.  Can anyone honestly say deleting propane safety regulations protects property values? 

What does this have to do with limited government?  Limited government means that government is restricted by the law.  By limiting government, the power is held by the people.

Weare Township voters, vote to preserve your property value and your safety.  Vote “no” on Weare Township Zoning Ordinance Amendment Proposal.

Robert M. Green

3308 W. Monroe Rd.

Hart, MI 49420

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