Ex-teacher sentenced in child abuse case.

October 27, 2016

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Ex-teacher sentenced in child abuse case.

By Allison Scarbrough. Editor.



HART — The Mount Pleasant man, who was employed as a fourth grade teacher when he dragged his 5-year-old adopted son into Silver Lake and forcibly held his head under water in front of a crowd of beach goers last July, was sentenced to one year discretionary jail and six months probation in 78th District Court this week.

Jeremy Lawrence Ruble, 37, of 5180 Corvallis, Mount Pleasant, pleaded “no contest” Oct. 24 to fourth-degree child abuse. One count of second-degree child abuse was dismissed.

Ruble, who had no prior criminal record, lost his job and his career as a result of the criminal case, said Oceana County Prosecutor Joseph Bizon. He is also allowed only supervised contact with the child, who was not physically injured due to the incident, Bizon said.

A crowd of people had witnessed Ruble drag his 5-year-old adopted son into Silver Lake at the state park swimming area the afternoon of July 13 and forcibly hold his head under water repeatedly, stated Lt. Craig Mast of the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office.

“Several civilians who witnessed it then stepped forward and intervened in an effort to ensure the child wasn’t harmed,” Mast said.

Conditions of Ruble’s probation include that he is not to purchase or possess a firearm; no alcohol/drugs; subject to testing, counseling and searches as required by probation; no assaultive behavior; and no contact with probationers or felons. He was also ordered to pay $925 in fines and costs.

Ruble “did knowingly or intentionally …. pose an unreasonable risk of harm or physical injury to a child by forcing a child under water repeatedly as a punishment,” states his court file. He engaged in “unreasonable discipline of child,” Bizon said.

“There was no reason to believe that alcohol or controlled substances played a role,” the prosecutor said.

The plea agreement did not specify a sentence. “The sentence was up to judge (the Honorable H. Kevin Drake),” Bizon said.

The maximum punishment for fourth-degree child abuse is one year in jail or five years probation.

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