Oceana County Sheriff’s Office.

October 8, 2021

Oceana County Sheriff’s Office.

HART — Members of the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office recently posed for the department’s annual photo.

First Row (L-R): K-9 Krieger and K-9 Laz. Second Row (L-R): Tracy McGhan, Vicki Hasty, Juanita Garza, David Gregwer, Rich Parmer, Parker McGuigan, Jennifer Smith, Undersheriff Ryan Schiller, Sheriff Craig Mast, Jeff Brown, Jordan Lesausky, Travis Haner, Scott Bosley, Cam Hanson. Third Row (L-R): John Kessler, Dean Wiegand, Shane Hasty, Mark Schneider, Aaron Cavner, Michael Fillips, John Hanks, Mark Hiddema, Lance Veldkamp, Donnie Hansen, Scott Pankow. Fourth Row (L-R): Joel Dickman, Jesse Bowman, Alan Wittkamp. Not Pictured: Timothy Simon, Micah Charlick, Jeff Soraruf, Jeremy Swihart, Jeremy Shafer.

– Photo courtesy of the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office

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