Spring horticulture meeting canceled.

March 13, 2020

Spring horticulture meeting canceled.

NEW ERA — Given the developing situation with the novel coronavirus, MSU Extension has made the decision to cancel the West Central Spring Horticulture Meeting that was scheduled for Monday, March 23, at the New Era Reformed Church.

“In addition to our personal desire here at the Oceana County office to make sure we keep everyone safe, the MSU Extension Director’s Office has asked us to cancel any meeting that approaches 100 participants (including speakers and staff in attendance), and the spring horticulture meeting is approaching this number,” states an Oceana MSU Extension Office press release.

“Since this meeting’s purpose is to educate growers before the growing season starts, rescheduling it doesn’t make much sense as the earliest reschedule dates possible given the current situation are well into the growing season. For anyone that has registered and paid their registration fees, refunds will be issued. Please be patient as there will be many cancellations requiring refunds. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact the Oceana MSU Extension Office at 231-873-2129.”

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