Silver Lake Sand Dunes Jeep Invasion, blessing this weekend

May 30, 2019

Photo courtesy of Silver Lake State Park.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Jeep Invasion, blessing this weekend

GOLDEN TOWNSHIP — The Silver Lake Sand Dunes–Hart Visitor’s Bureau has announced the route for the 2019 Silver Lake Sand Dunes Jeep Invasion Parade on Sunday, June 2, which will commence with the eighth annual Blessing of the Dunes. Leading the Parade this year will be the all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

The parade will begin on Sunday at 10 a.m. at the Golden Sands Golf Course, located at 2501 Wilson Road and conclude at Silver Lakes Sand Dunes State Park. A group photo will be staged for all registered participants and their Jeep vehicles.

  • From Golden Sands Course, turn right onto Fox Road
  • Continue on Fox Road for 1-mile
  • Turn left onto B-15 and continue through Silver Lake
  • Turn right onto Lakeshore, continue for approximately 1-mile to 24th Avenue
  • Turn right onto 24th Avenue and continue straight into the Dunes

(During the Parade, regular Dunes traffic is encouraged to take Deer Road to Juniper to Ridge.)

The Blessing of the Dunes will begin at noon in the ORV Section of the Silver Lake Sand Dunes at the North Directional Zone. Pastor Kevin Rigg of the Cornerstone Community Church will give a short service and blessing to all ORVs to have a safe and successful 2019 season. All attendees will receive a free commemorative sticker to display on their vehicle.

“We are excited to have the 2019 Jeep Invasion attend the Blessing of the Dunes,” said Scott Beal, executive director of Silver Lake Sand Dunes-Hart Visitors Bureau. “The Silver Lake area businesses and the Silver Lake State Park appreciate the Jeep Invasion holding the parade on Sunday, as this will have less impact on the regular street traffic, and the other ORVs that use the dunes. Also, many Silver Lake hotels and campgrounds will be offering a late check-out to Jeep Invasion attendees, so that they will be able to participate in the Sunday morning events.”

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes Jeep Invasion will take place from Friday, May 31 to Sunday, June 2, with Jeep vehicle owner and enthusiasts from coast-to-coast taking part in the festivities.

For a full schedule of events, activities, event locations and to register as a participant, visit Follow the action on Facebook and Instagram @SLSDjeepinvasion.

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