Oceana County Primary Election Results.

August 8, 2018

Oceana County Primary Election Results.



Brian Calley: 772
Patrick Colbeck: 579
Jim Hines: 366
Bill Schuette: 2,012

Shri Thanedar: 402
Abdul El-Sayed: 443
Gretchen Whitmer: 1,199

US Senator

John James: 1,830
Sandy Pensler: 1,711

Debbie Stabenow: 1,846

Second District Representative in Congress

Bill Huizenga: 3,302

Rob Davidson: 1,735

State Senator 34th District

Jon Bumstead: 2,598
Holly Hughes: 1,133

Colleen Lamonte: 791
Poppy Sias-Hernandez: 1,111

Representative in State Legislature 100th District

Scott VanSingel: 3,225

Sandy Clarke: 1,733

Oceana County Road Commissioner

Bob Carr: 3,163
Cathy Forbes: 1,760

Oceana County Commissioner


1st District
J. Dean Gustafson: 353
Terry Dykema: 252

2nd District
Martha Meyette: 304

3rd District
Denny Powers: 431

4th District
Andrew Sebolt: 339

5th District
Lawrence Byl: 704

6th District
Jim Brown: 389

7th District
Robert Walker: 337

Crystal Twp. Supervisor
Connelly Bowling: 40

Leavitt Twp. Supervisor

John Herremans: 64

Leavitt Twp. Trustee

Rosemary Aiken: 39
Charles Tanner: 45

Oceana County Council on Aging millage proposal:
Yes: 3,242
No: 1,639

City of Hart cemetery millage proposal:
Yes: 265
No: 53

Claybanks Twp. road construction and repairs millage:
Yes: 170
No: 83

Golden Twp. road millage:
Yes: 344
No: 140

Grant Twp. road construction maintenance renewal millage:
Yes: 282
No: 201

Grant Twp. special operation renewal millage:
Yes: 282
No: 148

Hart Twp. cemetery renewal millage:
Yes: 285
No: 112

Otto Twp. fire protection millage:
Yes: 89
No: 30

Otto Twp. road repair and improvement millage:
Yes: 86
No: 32

Pentwater Twp. fire protection renewal millage:
Yes: 418
No: 90

Weare Twp. road improvement renewal millage:
Yes: 169
No: 62

Hesperia Library millage:
Yes: 408
No: 208





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