Feature film shot in Oceana County.

Feature film shot in Oceana County. OCEANA COUNTY — The feature film, “Up on the Glass,” produced by Michigan-based production company, Save Them Wild Dogs, recently completed principal photography in the Silver Lake and Stony Lake areas and is now in post-production. Filming locations include the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and the Stony Lake Inn, as well as the Old Channel Inn restaurant in Montague, said Nikki Brown, one of the film producers. “Up on the Glass” is a dramatic thriller that tells the story of Jack DiMercurio, a wanderer trapped between his blue-collar roots and white-collar aspirations who desires the life and wife of his successful college friend. One heinous act leads to this possibility, but he learns his friend’s life is a prison and only the truth can set him free. Actor, Chase Fein, plays the lead role of Jack DiMercurio. Fein’s first feature, “On The Rocks,” was released last year, and his next features “Hard Surfaces” and “Expectant Mother,” and his micro-feature “BOXER,” are to be released this year. Actors, Chelsea Kurtz and Hunter Cross, co-star. Chelsea Kurtz has appeared on TV in “The Flash,” “Longmire,” and “Scandal.” Hunter Cross was a college football quarterback for Penn … Continue reading Feature film shot in Oceana County.